The Next Step

The Next Step

The Next Step

The follow-up of Inner Adventures
by Colin P. Sisson

People who attempt to master the world will find resistance and conflict at every turn. People who master themselves will find the world willingly at their feet.

There is nothing in life that has to be fixed, improved, corrected or changed. Life is perfectly fine as it is. Life does not have to be made better, only understood. When we truly understand experientially – intellectually, emotionally, physically and intuitively the meaning of so-called negative conditions and situations, (not just intellectually perceiving them), they re-balance themselves, effortlessly and spontaneously.

Finding the way Home, back to higher Consciousness requires understanding and conscious observation of the inner attachments that block our way.

Everything we perceive is just a mere fraction of what we are. Our beliefs about reality, our straining for results, our motives and desires, our achievements and failures, our joys and frustrations are all but a drop in the ocean of life. Simply observe whatever happens and know we are more than this.

This is not a book about the truth, it is a journey within to discover our obstacles, then we are free to proceed and realise our own truth.

Publisher: Total Press
ISBN 0-9597930 -4 -6
19,95 €

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