Life After Surrender

After having dealt with his traumas from Vietnam War, Colin P. Sisson became a teacher of a practice that was born from his own experiments with inner work. He has a career of over 30 years with it’s ups and downs, and delivering a message about how to resolve inner conflicts into inner peace has been a strong source of motivation throughout the decades.

When asked if it has taken a lot of effort and persistence to spread his ideas and message about ‘being with what is’, this is what Colin replied:
“It is true that I put a lot of effort and persistence in developing my system and it really came together when i gave up the effort and simply surrendered to the present moment. Because in the present moment there is no effort or persistence needed.”

This short biopicture was filmed during one of his many trainings that he runs around the world. It contains images from a group breathing session with advanced practitioners, which often are more dynamic than usual.
Every breathing session is different, so this is by no means an example of a typical session.